9 July

Looks like it’s going to be another hot, muggy day today and the temperature is supposed to climb into the triple digits by the weekend. Well. isn’t that fabulous.🙄 The night-time temps aren’t cooling down enough for us to be able to open up the house in the early mornings so we’re stuck inside, breathing stuffy AC-treated air. Blech. I really hate Texas summers.

For my last jewelry gift, I decided to do another woven project, this time a necklace. I chose a much simpler pattern with only four threads rather than twelve so the knotting process is going much faster. I was able to crank out over two inches of necklace in under an hour yesterday which is FAR quicker than the bracelet. It’s still going to take me several days to finish it though, because of the design I’ve chosen. Still, it’ll be VERY nice and I hope Mary Ellen will like it!😊

It’s positively NASTY outside. I hung out some sheets on the benches surrounding our patio to air them out and I was nearly done in by the heat and oppressive humidity. I once heard this type of air quality described as “breathing warm wet Jello” and it’s an accurate description! Ick. Anyway, I’ve managed to change the sheets on our bed as well as wash and fold another large load of bedding so I feel fairly accomplished. Pathetic, really, when I consider a load of laundry and some folding a productive day! Okay, so there were fitted sheets involved and we all know that folding those is like folding space. A tesseract in my dining room… wheeee!!!

Not much more to report other than a good dinner prepared by my kid and assisted by my hubby, who’s getting really good at making California rolls!😋