10 July

Yuck. I started the day out on the back deck this morning but I wasn’t out there for long. The mugginess drove me back inside. The sky is fascinating when it’s this sticky though – the clouds pile up into towers that remind me of the tropics, even though I’ve never been to that part of the world. Still, I’ve seen the same cloud formations when we’ve visited Port Aransas and the latitude there is only something like 27 degrees north, so only about five degrees north of the Tropic of Cancer. Close enough!

OH. MY. GOD. Why is it that no one in this family seems able to clean up their messes in the kitchen? I spent a good deal of time and effort getting the counters spotless the other day and every single time I’ve walked into the kitchen since then, I’ve found some sort of gunge or spooge on the counters. Umm, hello? There are such things as cutting boards for holding your toast or cheese, people! And don’t get me started on the spilled simple syrup or olive oil. A couple weeks ago there were actual PUDDLES of oil spilled on the floor in front of the stove that I actually walked through, IN SOCKS, and then tracked the mess through the rest of the kitchen before realizing what had happened. Full disclosure: My worst kitchen nightmares are grease and sticky stuff. I have serious issues with greasy and sticky spills and to find them, at random, in the kitchen (or elsewhere in the house) sends me completely around the bend. AND NO ONE ELSE IN THE HOUSE SEEMS TO NOTICE!!!! AAAAAARRRRGHHH!!!!!😫

So I finished half the woven necklace today and now I’m having serious second thoughts about the entire design and may start again from scratch. I may just go back to my earlier plan of using two colors of leather cord and a four-strand braiding technique. I played with that a bit this afternoon I quite like the way it looks. It should look especially nice with some silver beads worked into the braiding.😊