11 July

……………………………….. That’s the sound of my brain before the coffee has had a chance to kick in. Not sure what to write about. It’s another massively sticky morning and I’m staying inside for now. The night-time lows are supposed to drop by the middle of next week so the mornings should be a bit more bearable but for now, eeeww.

Leyna wants me to take her to Joanns sometime today for more earring supplies. I’ll enjoy getting out of the house but I probably shouldn’t make a habit of it. The Covid numbers here in Texas are spiking dramatically and going to stores puts me at additional risk, even though I always wear my mask and carry an alcohol wipe in a plastic ziplock bag at all times when I have to go out. I’d like nothing more than to go with my family or some friends to one of the restaurants in Gruene that have outdoor patios and just hang for a while in the dappled shade, knocking back a cold one and munching on tortilla chips and salsa. *SIGH* This whole pandemic nightmare is going to be with us for a good long while, I’m afraid.

WOW. We just finished watching “Greyhound” on AppleTV. 1 1/2 hours of white-knuckled WWII-era suspense set in the North Atlantic. I LOVE films like this and some of my all-time faves are in this genre. Tom Hanks plays the captain of an American destroyer escorting a convoy of supply and troop ships on their way to England in early 1942. Of course they run into a “wolf pack” of German U-boats and chaos ensues. Good film!