12 July

Quick update, since it’s now the 13th and I haven’t posted anything for the 12th:

1. I’m still alive.😆

2. I’m slowly beginning to feel more like my old self. The wooziness is lifting a bit and I can stay on my feet for far longer. YAY!!!

3. It’s nasty, stinkin’ HOT outside, to the point where the house AC kicks on several times at night. That means that the house isn’t being given a chance to cool down because the outside temp is too high. Yuck. We’re supposed to have another couple days of triple-digit temps before a “cooling” trend sets in.

4. Rory and I are doing a “divide and conquer” approach to dinner fixin’s this week. Leyna doesn’t want to cook so I’m taking four nights and Rory’s taking the rest. I’m doing my best to keep meat off the menu but DAMN, vegetarian/vegan cooking requires a LOT of prep work!

5. I’m beginning to eye the remainder of the nasty wallpaper in the kitchen with more zeal. Maybe by mid to late week I may just tackle the rest of it. Then I’ll need to thoroughly research how to re-texture walls because that will need to be done before we can repaint. At this rate I may have this project done in another decade.😆