13 July

Ugh, another quick update. This is getting to be a pain, sharing my blogging-tool-of-choice with a teen who evidently hasn’t considered that there are others in the household who actually use the damn thing as well. Okay, here we go:

Not a whole lot happened today other than a vegan “meat loaf” experiment at dinner that didn’t quite work but wasn’t awful either. Lauren looked at it and her lip curled but that was to be expected. Hey, it was made out of VEGGIES, fer cryin’ out loud. Leyna ate it with little to no complaint. I think I may be able to make the recipe work with some alterations but for now, it looks like I’ll be eating most of the leftovers!

I’m considering making this blog a once-weekly affair. There just isn’t enough happening for me to blog about minutiae every day. Too darn tedious and to be honest, it’s becoming a bit of a burden. If we had two iPads or if I could blog on one of our desktop computers, it might be different. I’ll look into getting WordPress on the office machine (if it isn’t installed already) but in the meantime, I’ll be signing off until Sunday the 19th unless something really exciting or important happens.