16 August

I awoke this morning feeling a bit nauseous and actually took one of my anti-nausea tablets. Not sure of the cause but it may have had something to do with hunger since my tummy was making all sorts of loud grumbling noises. I’ve eaten now and feel a good deal better but there’s still a bit of gastric uneasiness. Go figure! Personally, I blame the meds.😆

There really isn’t much to report, even after an entire week. The girls are bracing themselves for the start of online school next week and even though they’ve been grousing all summer about being bored, they’re more than a bit apprehensive. This will be their sophomore year in high school and if they were attending classes in person, they’d be walking to and from school every day. They were both looking forward to this new bit of freedom and now it’s on hold, for the foreseeable future, anyway. There isn’t as much pressure for back-to-school shopping, thankfully, so that’s a bit of a relief. We’ll be picking up their iPads later on this week and hopefully we’ll also receive their class schedules. Leyna has been especially anxious about this last aspect of online schooling, doubtless because she’s the type of kid who likes to have everything planned out well in advance of anything, whether it’s school, a road trip, or a visit from family members.

I’m still taking my meds and continue on the path to full recovery. That’s the goal, anyway, although I won’t be considered fully cured of the leukemia for another nine + years. I feel really quite good most days although there are still moments when I feel as though I’ve gotten hit by a truck and just have to sit or lie down and rest for a bit. Overall, though, my strength is back to nearly normal. I’m even taking over more in the kitchen, although finding vegetarian/vegan recipes to please everyone is a constant challenge. I’ve found a few winners that have made it into our regular meal rotation, though, so that’s a good thing. It’s really hard to go the vegetarian/vegan route without resorting to heavy consumption of carbs but I’m doing the best I can! Tofu is showing up on the menu more and more frequently, as it’s a decent protein source and can be seasoned to taste like just about anything. We even had it last Friday in our tacos in place of the usual ground pork and it was very, VERY tasty. Now I want to track down something called textured soy protein to see what that’s like. My only concern about using all these soy products is that the soy grown here in the US is almost without exception genetically engineered and industrially grown. Ick.