13 September

It’s finally, FINALLY cooled down to the point that it’s once again pleasant to park one’s self on the back patio for a while in the morning, which is exactly what I’m doing. It’ll warm up today to the upper 80s but that’s far more bearable than it has been. I think we’re finally clear of the oppressive heat. YAY!

I had a pretty good week, if a slow one. My weird aches are all gone and now the only symptom I have is continued fatigue, though not nearly the bone-sapping kind that I experienced just before diagnosis. I’ve taken over all cooking duties once again and usually manage quite well. There are some nights when I have to sit down and rest regularly but as long as I pace myself I’m usually okay and don’t have to call in for reinforcements.

We watched a truly chilling documentary last night on Netflix called “The Social Dilemma.” It’s basically about how social media has taken hold of our society and especially our young citizens in the last 15 years. It honestly makes me want to strip away all the social media apps from all my devices and then throw the devices out the window. Lauren sat down to watch most of it with us and at one point looked at us with eyes like saucers and asked, “Is this really happening?” Yep. It’s really happening, honey. People are being driven apart by the vitriol on social media, and those latent prejudices are being taken advantage of by the companies that drive the online advertising as well as by the social media companies themselves. It wasn’t always this way. These companies developed their apps in order to help connect college students, old friends, family members, and lonely individuals looking for more interaction with their fellow humans. The genie was let out of the bottle. Pandora’s box was opened. These new miracle tools were corrupted and made to serve a darker purpose.