20 September

It’s official. I now have just enough hair to wake up with appalling bed-head in the mornings!😆 It’s still only about 1/2-3/4” long but that seems to be quite enough to look as though it got brushed with an eggbeater when I climb out of the rack. So far, the Vincristine IV infusions don’t seem to be causing any hair loss, although my eyelashes are once again beginning to fall out a bit. That doesn’t bother me though – they’ll begin growing back as soon as the chemo stops.

I actually began stripping more of that obnoxious wallpaper from our kitchen walls this week! I’m running out of enzyme solution but I think if I push it, I may be able to complete the job in another day, providing I can get the fridge pulled out. Yes, the prior owners wallpapered the fridge alcove.🙄 This means I’ll probably have to turn off the electricity for the kitchen and plug the fridge into another circuit while I work in the alcove but that isn’t insurmountable. Then it’s wash with TSP, sand, skim coat, second sand, and finally paint. I’ll probably need to do some drywall patching as well because I’m planning on pulling down the cheesy fake wainscoting and I’ll probably end up damaging the underlying drywall in the process. BLURGH… Oh, and THEN I get to think about how best to repaint our kitchen cabinets! Ordinarily I don’t like to paint over wood but our kitchen is so stinkin’ dark that bright white cabinets would go a long way towards brightening things up. We could also knock a hole in the roof and put in a skylight but that isn’t what I would call a DIY job.

The weather today looks like it’s going to be rainy off and on all day. We’ve got another tropical storm parked just offshore in the Gulf that’s pushing moisture our way. I really hope we can score some decent rain out of it but we’ll see. It’s only just begun sprinkling again but I suppose if it does this for the entire day our plants (and especially our trees) will be better off for it.

There isn’t much more to report, other than I’m once again getting a bit itchy to start another painting. It’s been a full two years since I finished the portrait of Lauren and I’d love to do one that features Leyna. I have some pretty decent photo reference but they’re all from 7-10 years ago and I’d sort of like to do something more recent. Maybe I can get her to model for me. Yeah, right… when pigs fly! That kid can’t stand still for more than a few minutes at a time.😆