29 September

Aaaahhhh…. fall is officially here! Well, Texas autumn, anyway, but I’ll take it gladly over the ridiculous heat we had in late summer. The sunlight has turned golden and the mornings are wonderfully cool. Visions of pumpkin muffins are beginning to dance in my head as well as thoughts of Halloween decorations, bundling up in blankets and cooking hearty meals. Yep, I think fall is probably my favorite season although I wish we were in a part of the country where we could see its full glory. I envy our friends the Fergusons and Wendells, who live in the Northeast. Even though their winters are much longer and colder, they at least get to enjoy the seasonal color show that the trees put on every year as well as crunching about in fresh snow. *Sigh* I may be a born-and-raised southern Californian but I’d really like to live in an area that has four definite seasons!😊

The post-chemo aches are coming back but at least now I know what they are, what causes them and how long they last. Last month I was certifiably freaked out because I didn’t know if the discomfort was treatment-related or if I’d been smacked down by COVID. Knowledge is power! I’ll feel sort of crappy for a few days and then I’ll pull out of it and be fine. As long as those vile mouth sores don’t come back we’re golden.

Today will probably be spent working on a friend’s website. The poor bunny is virtually illiterate technologically and has been struggling to put something together using one of those online site-building apps. She was nearly in tears yesterday because she’s been fighting such a steep learning curve so I’m going to step in and build the site for her. Ugh… I told myself I wouldn’t do this, she needs to learn this stuff for herself, but she’s fighting a deadline and her site really isn’t that complex, just an online portfolio with no flashy bells or whistles. I’m probably going to regret this but I’m a bit of a pushover with a soft spot for those who are floundering.

I’m trying out a new recipe for dinner tonight. It’s a soup called Porrusalda that hails from the Basque region of northern Spain and it looks really easy and so, so good. Leyna has also started a batch of home made bread but I don’t think much (if any) of that will last until dinner time. We as a family tend to fall on a freshly baked loaf like a pack of ravening wolves. I’ll probably nip out to the store at some point today to grab a loaf of something crusty and hearty enough to be a good accompaniment. The soup also calls for fresh cod as an option so I’ll see if I can find some of that as well. I’m looking forward to this!😊