3 November

So here it is. Election Day. I think I feel sick. We’re supposed to get together tonight (appropriately social distanced, of course) with our neighbors for the viewing of election results and the consumption of alcohol. I’ll have to be very careful how much I consume due to my still-cranky liver so I’ll probably function as the designated driver, even though we’re gathering in our own back yard. Rory will be setting up the projector and we’ll livestream one of the news channels showing the returns. Most of us will be either rip-roaring drunk and horrifically depressed or celebrating happily by the end of the evening. I sure hope it’s the latter.

I spoke to my cardiologist yesterday via FaceTime. The ultrasound showed no visible damage to my heart due to the chemo drugs but he still wants to do a stress test on me, which is basically just me climbing aboard a treadmill in his office while hooked up to monitors and being put through a series of cardio drills. Considering all the crap I’ve been through up until now, this should be a relative piece of cake.

Today will most likely be spent paying bills, trying to ignore the constant noise of the media both on the telly and on our portable devices, maybe baking some muffins and making an early dinner for my critters. At some point I’ll have to nip off to the bank but that’s the only errand I need to do.

Ugh, it’s now Wednesday, the day after the election, and we still don’t know who our next president will be. I had hoped for a decisive election but I was pretty sure we weren’t going to get it, and look what’s happening. Color me shocked. Meanwhile, Trump is rattling his “stop the rigged mail-in ballot count” saber, never mind that there isn’t anything wrong with counting those ballots post-election day. Hell, many states don’t even begin counting those ballots until Election Day itself. And this year, there are a LOT more of those to wade through, thanks to the pandemic and the fear of crowded polling precincts. I’m hoping for two things: 1) That what the pundits and political historians have said is true and the mail-in ballots will lean more heavily Democratic; and 2) Trump won’t be able to stop those ballots from being counted. Pennsylvania’s governor has basically thrown down, telling the president that he hasn’t a prayer of interfering with the state’s electoral process. Good on ya, buddy! We could use a few more politicians on both sides of the aisle who aren’t afraid to show a little backbone.