15 November

Wow, I haven’t blogged for nearly two weeks! Not a whole lot has been going on, other than what everyone has been watching or reading about on the media outlets of their choice. We have a new president (YAY!!!) and, no surprise, Trump refuses to go quietly into that long good night. To a small extent, he has a point, only in that the election won’t be official until the Electoral College convenes to verify it. Honestly, though, screaming “FOUL, NO FAIR” only serves to make him look like more of a fool and an undignified sore loser as well, which I suppose plays well with his base. They expect him to go down fighting to the last and I don’t think they’ll be disappointed, although Trump’s refusal to concede is beginning to make the transition a bit more difficult for Biden and Co. Other than the security briefs, though, Biden is an old seasoned pro who has already taken steps to lock in his new administration. The afore-mentioned briefs, which Trump has refused to share with the new President-Elect, are a bump in the road but not insurmountable. Honestly, though, Trump’s histrionics are increasingly looking like precisely what they are – desperate, pathetic attempts to hang onto power. I’ll be glad to see the entire clan leave. Shameless, nepotistic grifters all.

Sorry, got a bit political there. *Ahem*

So life goes on. The girls are getting REALLY tired of the whole remote learning thing and they miss their friends. They were able to see two of them briefly when Kariel and Griffin dropped off birthday gifties for them but they couldn’t do what most teens do when seeing a friend again after a long absence. There were no squeals and hugging, only awkward thank you’s and a tiny bit of chitchat. Thank goodness they can text their friends or see them on FaceTime. It isn’t the same as seeing them face to face but it’s better than nothing! C’mon, Pfizer, get that new vaccine up and running!🙏🏻🙏🏻

I’m still, STILL, picking at scabs (aka, stripping stupid wallpaper) but I’m so close to being done that I can smell it. All the walls, with the exception of the fridge alcove, are bare, scrubbed and clear of paper and paste. After the alcove is done I’ll have to go back and scrape down all surfaces to remove loose paint but I should be able to do that in a day or less. Then it’s time to sand, seal, and begin applying the skim coats, sanding after each coat is dry. Finally, I can prime and PAINT!! WOO-HOO!!! Damn, this’ll be awesome.😍 Of course, then I have to get the cabinets painted, but that’s another story…

My health is good and I’m not experiencing any more complications. I have my fifth of six in-office chemo infusions this Wednesday and I’ll find out then if my liver has improved at all. Let’s hope so! I have a list of questions to ask Dr. Santiago, mainly about what comes after the chemo is finished. I’m so, SO glad that the bulk of my treatment is done, because I found out just this week that our health insurance is going to change the first of the year and we’ll end up paying much more in deductibles. I’m not sure where the money is going to come from for Lauren’s back surgery but we’ll manage somehow.🙏🏻