6 April

My chemo started off with a bang yesterday afternoon. I was first given anti-nausea meds, then Cytoxin, then Daunorubicin (a very close cousin of Doxorubicin, or “the Red Devil”), then Vincristine. The cardiologist who read the results of my heart ultrasound came in to tell me that my old ticker was still in remarkably good shape even after the beating it had taken two years ago. He did recommend, though, that I should be put on a beta blocker, which will help to protect my heart and keep its rhythm more or less steady. This afternoon, just after my second dose of Daunorubicin, which is also a cardio-toxin, the nurse was checking my vitals and my heart rhythm went nuts. I was immediately put on the beta blocker!

Today, despite the chemo fog, I had quite a good day. A representative of “Hearts Need Art” came in and asked if I wanted her to paint my windows, and if so, with what. I chose sunflowers to honor Ukraine and ended up helping her paint. Her side of the window looks far better, as I’ve never before painted on glass and my weeny little bluebonnets, poppies, and mutant bee were no match for her glorious sunflowers. Still, it was fun and I had some actual human contact, which brought back a small amount of normal.

Pretty flowers!