12 April

They aren’t going to cook my brains! They aren’t going to cook my brains!!! YAAAAYYY!!!

Ahem. A little context might be in order here.

Last week I was given a schedule of my new chemo protocol, which at first glance is longer and far more grueling than the last. In one of the cycles, “cranial irradiation” is called out as a treatment. Uuuuhhh… what? Is it REALLY necessary to fry my cranial cavity with radiation? I stewed about this until Dr. Santiago returned last night then asked him what it meant. Long story short: I won’t have to undergo that harsh of a treatment, at least not during chemo. A bone marrow transplant is a completely different story, because in that case my entire body would be irradiated in order to wipe out my old marrow and clear a path for the new. I really hope I won’t have to go that route.🙏🏻

I had a visit from Thelma, my little cleaning lady! This morning one of the cleaning women over here on the North side came in and I asked her if Thelma was still working over in South. She said, yes, she was and that they spoke regularly, so I asked her if she would tell Thelma that I was here. Sure enough, at about 1:00 this afternoon I heard a little tap on the door and then Thelma’s sing-song “Hello, Miss Robin!” I think I nearly squished her, I hugged her so tight. We had a nice chat and she showed me pictures of her son, who when I was last here was a ropy pre-adolescent. Now he’s much taller, filling out and WOW, he’s turning into a very handsome young man! Thelma’s husband is American and the Anglo-Filipino blend definitely suits this kid. Anyway, I’ll probably have more visits from Thelma and I asked her to spread the word to Mary Ellen and Kat that I was back. OH – Thelma’s still wearing the earrings I made for her. Apparently she rarely takes them off, showers with them and all!