14 April

1. My incredible husband and daughters
2. My doctor (or as I like to call him, my bodhisattva)
3. My nursing staff, angels all
4. The beautiful day outside. I just wish I could open a window or listen to the birds!

I didn’t post an entry yesterday because I was feeling incredibly under the weather. I had gotten very little sleep the night before and when I did manage to nod off for a bit, I had strange, repetitious, almost delirium dreams. Then, starting at about 2:30am, I began having what can politely be called severe lower intestinal distress. That continued off and on throughout the day but mostly tapered off by early afternoon. A stool sample was taken and analyzed but no weird pathogens were found, so it was probably the result of all the meds my body has been exposed to over the last 1+ week. I was a wreck and I’m still recovering.

Today, thankfully, started out a lot stronger. I went to bed much earlier last night and actually got a decent night’s sleep, awoke this morning feeling a LOT better, and have been relaxing all day. However, I seem to have a bit of a fever coming on. At the last vitals check my temperature was 99.4, which is a bit elevated. It’s probably a neutropenic fever and nothing to really worry about but protocols are in place in case the fever spikes. Then blood will be drawn and urine will be sampled to screen for pathogens. If they find anything bacterial they’ll begin treating it with a stronger round of antibiotics than the prophylactic Levaquin I’ve been getting daily. If it’s viral then I don’t know what the hell they’re going to do.