25 April

1. My doctors (I’m sure I’ve mentioned them before but it bears repeating)
2. Rain
3. Photos of tropical places (hey, I have a vivid imagination. I can at least PRETEND I’m standing in crystal-clear water on a powdery white beach somewhere exotic!)
4. Road trips. Rory hates them (way too much childhood trauma there) but I think they’re fun.

Another day spent cooped up in the hospital. I’m going to have to get used to this because there are going to be MANY, MANY more days just like this. While I’ve heard from nurses that some of this treatment protocol can be done on an outpatient basis, I still haven’t heard those words directly from my doctors and to be honest, I’m almost afraid to ask. So for now, I’m in a bit of a wake up/tidy room/ have breakfast and shower/lunch/nap/movies/dinner/more movies/time for bed rut. Now that I’m in the South tower, I have much more room for walkies, so maybe I’ll try that this afternoon. I’ll have to drag the ball and chain with me but I’ve done that before and as long as I don’t trip over the wheeled base, I should be good.

Welp, it’s late afternoon, I haven’t taken a walk, I probably won’t at this point, and I could barely change the sheets on my bed before collapsing from exhaustion. That’s what having a low red blood cell count will do to a person. I hate this, the feeling of being almost completely incapacitated. I know, I experienced this before during my first cycle, but it doesn’t sit well on a person who’s used to doing things for herself, by herself. I probably should have called for help but… yeah, stubborn. Like a damn mule.

My last chemo infusion for this cycle is tomorrow, along with (probably) another blood transfusion. The latter is a guess, but given the way I’ve been feeling for the last two days, it’s most likely in the cards. Wheeee… Benadryl haze, here we come.🙄