26 April

1. Rory’s cousin Devon, who is sending me pictures of lush Missouri spring greenery and recordings of birdsong
2. My soft warm blanket that I brought from home
3. My kids’ goofiness
4. My relative stamina

Whoa. I did NOT expect that. When breakfast came this morning I actually had to force myself to eat, and even then, I finished maybe only a third of my cheese omelette and didn’t touch my English muffin. I think it was the eggs – the hospital uses a type of cholesterol-free egg product to make their scrambled eggs and it ends up dried and absolutely vile. I’ve faced these so frequently that I can’t look at them any longer without gagging a bit. Oh, for some nice, fresh, dark-yolk pastured eggs, lightly scrambled and not cooked to death!

Huh. Looks like I was wrong about the transfusion. My cell counts are beginning to rally a bit, but they’ll once again get knocked out of whack with the last Vincristine infusion today. I may still get blood products tomorrow but for now, I’ve managed to dodge that bullet.

Not much more to report, really. Another day checked off the calendar. I pulled out the chemo protocol schedule and studied it a bit more, and on second analysis, it doesn’t seem quite so bad now. True, in a few months I have intrathecals scheduled once a week for four or five weeks, and those things are NASTY (I have to lie absolutely flat without lifting my head for three hours after the procedure), but I know how to get through them. I also don’t have to worry about the cranial irradiation. Oh, yeah, I have another three doses of Daunorubicin in the cards. C’mon, heart, hang in there…🙏🏻