27 April

1. My support network
2. My talent
3. My ability to get along with nearly anyone
4. My appetite 😄

Oof. Taking my shower this morning was a bit of a nightmare. My strength has once again completely checked out and now I can’t stand for more than a few minutes without getting very weak. Thankfully there’s a seat in the shower stall that I can plop down on if I start to feel wobbly, as was definitely the case today. I’m afraid I’ve caused some consternation amongst both the PCAs and the on-staff doctors because I told them about the incident and now they’re all flustered that I may fall and either break something or injure my head and cause a brain bleed. GAH – frightening thought! I’m being careful but perhaps I should reach out to the nursing staff a bit more during moments like this.

LUNCH!!! Open face, insert food. NOM-NOM-NOM. Today’s offering was a chicken Caesar wrap, stuffed with plenty of lettuce. I obliterated the wrap and the accompanying soup. Working rather more carefully on a bag of chips, even though my mouth sores are almost completely gone. I still have to be careful how I chew because if I should happen to accidentally chomp down on the part of my tongue that was most affected, they’ll probably hear my screams eight floors down in the front lobby.😱

So the earlier brouhaha over my weak spell in the shower had some repercussions. They tested my blood pressure while standing up, sitting down and lying flat, but it didn’t vary more than a few points. At one point there was talk of amping up my IV saline drip to get more fluids into me but that didn’t go anywhere, thankfully. I’ve told them that it’s most likely my nadir, the point at which my cell count is at its lowest, and my numbers seem to have proven that. My hemoglobin especially is in the toilet and that generally affects my strength levels fairly dramatically. I’m willing to bet money that there’s a transfusion in my near future.