29 April

1. GrubHub! (Yum)
2. My friends
3. My beautiful lagoon-colored chunks of fluorite
4. My singing bowl

So, hey, news: I have a very good chance of going home tomorrow! I was NOT anticipating this at all; in fact, I had prepared myself for another month of medical incarceration, and then the hospital rounds doctor told me this morning that Dr. Santiago felt I could go home for a few days. They want me back by next Thursday but that still gives me five whole nights in my own bed, with my Ror and my bobbleheads and my kitties. I might, MIGHT even have enough time (and please God, the strength) to try out the soup dumpling recipe I’ve been drooling over for so long.

Oh, and speaking of drooling – I took a chance and ordered food from a Mediterranean restaurant today for lunch. I had to order through GrubHub, which turned out fine, but the delivery was a bit dicey. I had to tell the delivery guy via text to leave the food down at the main desk in the front lobby as he was expecting me to come down to get it in person. Since I’m not allowed to do that, I had to text the driver and let him know that a nurse would be down to pick it up and then prayed that he understood (his texted English was a bit broken). Lo and behold: my food showed up, enough to easily feed two people! I ate myself into a stupor and still have some leftovers, which I’ll probably eat for dinner. They’re grape leaves stuffed with rice and tomato so they should keep okay as long as I put them somewhere a little chilly. I feel fat and I reek of garlic but DANG, that was tasty.

Dinner consisted of leftover dolmas (still tasty), tomato basil soup and carrot and celery sticks dipped in a bit of leftover garlic spread. Just enough to keep the tummy happy but not so much that I felt bloated again. Now I think I need to track down a recipe for stuffed grape leaves because I’ve adored them for years and they’re something that Basil may actually like, if I can find a vegetarian option. Going to bed dreaming of food and cooking!😊