30 April – going home!

1. See headline above
2. The humidity outside (after breathing in desiccated filtered hospital air, the moisture is bliss to my poor battered nose and throat)
3. The medications that are scrubbing my bone marrow of mutant cells
4. Watching “Iron Man” for something like the seventh time😄

Home, home, home, HOME. Only until next Thursday but hey, I’ll take whatever is thrown at me! I probably won’t get any lunch but I have a bag of chips here in the room that I may nibble if I start to feel really peckish. I’m waiting on a medication from the hospital pharmacy that my nurse will use to flush my port. Once that’s in, I’ll call Rory and then get all my stuff loaded onto a cart for transport downstairs. TICK-TICK-TICK-TICK-TICK…

Aaaand… I’M HOME!!! We stopped on the way back from San Antonio so I could get something to eat. We ended up at Panera Bread and as Rory had already eaten, he sat across the table and marveled as I SLAMMED an Asian chicken salad. Oh-my-God-it-tasted-so-frickin’-GOOD. Once we got back to the house I immediately dived into the fridge and began noshing on anything that I could grab easily. Sorry all, but if you’re following this blog, you’re going to have to put up with several days of my obsessing over food. As I told a friend via text earlier this afternoon, never underestimate the luxury of meandering over to your own fridge and picking up a snack. This just doesn’t happen in the hospital, unless you happen to be lucky enough to own a small personal fridge and have an outlet for it in your room. Methodist Hospital will allow this but depending on the room, sometimes there just aren’t enough electrical outlets to go around, and I have quite a few peripherals that accompany me and require charging.

I arrived home just in time. We’re doing a quiet little Movie Night tonight, pretty subdued since we didn’t realize until yesterday that I might actually be able to attend. The critters are having a mutual friend over but that’s it. Even though I’m feeling a lot stronger than I expected, I still don’t want to overdo and being exposed to others not of my immediate tribe is a risk to my once-again compromised immune system. Thank goodness it’ll be warm enough to stay outdoors tonight and maybe, if we’re really lucky, we’ll see some fireflies. Geez, I hope so. I love those sweet little bugaboos.❤️