1 May – 1st full day of break

I’m being an unrepentant blob, shuffling from living room to kitchen with occasional forays into the bathroom for showers and stuff. I actually had TWO breakfasts this morning: the first was a simple bowl of my favorite plain Greek yogurt with a spoonful of raspberry preserves mixed in. The second was some finally tasty scrambled eggs over a bed of arugula with some sliced avocado on the side. So, soooo good. After a nap and a shower, I’m once again thinking of edibles. I’m hopeless!😄

Well, someone really missed me. When I first got home yesterday I walked slowly through the house calling for my little furry feline shadow, Amy. Total no-show. About an hour later I was parked in the living room when I saw my little kitty appear in the doorway to the kids’ hall. She made a beeline for me and jumped into my lap. She hadn’t seen me in a month and I was honestly wondering if she would remember me. Tesla still hasn’t deigned to come say hello, although Edison was the first to say hi yesterday. Anyway, there was much purring and many attempts to lick me to death but I had to stop the latter. If she should make contact with the smallest bit of broken skin I could end up back in the hospital with a raging infection. Come to think of it, I went barefoot yesterday while paddling out to the car to retrieve my sweater and I probably shouldn’t have done that. Nope, as much as I like being barefoot, it won’t be in the cards for me for a while.

Oh, THERE you are, you aloof little sh*t. Tesla has finally appeared. He plopped down a few feet from my chair and gave me a slow blink. Good sign!😊

More food, more naps, more relaxing without the constant threat of someone waltzing into my hospital room. If you haven’t spent an extended amount of time locked away in hospital, then you can’t really appreciate how absolutely marvelous it is to be able to do something as simple as taking a shower or going to the bathroom without any sort of hindrance. My shower this morning was completely without worry – I had no midlines or port dressings to wrap watertight and no tape to have to peel away from already very irritated skin. I’ll feel like my old self just in time to go back in the slammer! Oy.

Dinner was AMAZING. Rory made a spinach and artichoke lasagna complete with home-made pasta and I ended up wolfing down two helpings, as well as a small bowl of rice afterward. I’m once again uncomfortably full but I do wish we had some sliced watermelon – I’m craving something cold, sweet and juicy. Rory just wondered aloud how the hospital had managed to keep me fed.😆