3 May – 3rd day of break

BUUUURRRPP. Why yes. Yes, I have been eating again. This time it was an omelette that I woke up thinking about. Sautéed onions, tomatoes and spinach, combined with Mozzarella cheese and folded into seasoned eggs and then topped with Sichuan chili oil. Oh. My. Goodness. Here, let me share a photo!


Okay, that chili oil may not have been a good idea because I’ve been tasting it all. Damn. Day. I’m also on a prescription med for heartburn and I probably shouldn’t push my luck with spicy foods. At least, not yet.😳

Most of the day was spent either eating or sleeping. About mid-day I got hit with a craving for Panda Express, specifically their Super Greens stir-fried veggies, but when I went online to try to order for pickup they weren’t available. (*SOB*) I made do with broccoli beef, heavy on the broccoli, and had a pleasant late lunch. Later in the afternoon the whole family joined me as I was trying to get up from my nap. I ended up with Rory using my lower legs as a lumpy pillow while Lauren curled up on the floor with her head resting against my knees and Amy purred and whiffled in my ear. Eddie added his furry presence as well and even Basil popped in for a bit. It was a veritable pile of Hinnens! Tesla once again refused to join in, the little bugger. Still, he’s come up to me to ask for scritches a few times since I’ve been home, so he’s coming around. Just in time for me to have to go back to the hospital. Phooey.🙄