13 May – end of limbo in sight!

1. See above heading 🥳🎉
2. Good bone marrow biopsy results
3. A doctor who’s willing to go above and beyond for his patients
4. A healthy appetite (yes, I’m hungry again. No surprise there.)

So, big news for the day: Dr. Santiago called not long ago and my biopsy results showed less than 1 in 1000 cancer cells – i.e., no detectable disease. He’s now ordering a more in-depth screening which can be done using the same samples, so I won’t have to be perforated again, and I’m now on track to go back into the hospital in 10-14 days to start my blincyto treatment. That’s the one where I’ll be infused 24/7 for four weeks while wearing a portable pump. I’ll be hospitalized for 7-10 days while I’m monitored for side affects. I’m not going to allow myself to worry about those because honestly, why worry over something that hasn’t happened yet and may not?

I definitely paid a price for being on my feet for most of the day yesterday. Last night before going to bed, my legs began to cramp up from the knee down and I had to hobble around for a while until they subsided. After being in bed for about an hour they seized up again and this time, I attempted to scream soundlessly so I wouldn’t awaken Rory. No dice. He must’ve heard a whimper and shot out of bed while I tried to gasp out an explanation between muscle spasms. It took a bit longer for the pain to subside the second time and the cramping returned once more, albeit less severely, before I finally caved and took a muscle relaxant. Today is going to be spent almost totally off my feet and I’ll probably use a hand massage unit and a heating pad to make sure the damn cramps don’t come back tonight. Writhing in pain really isn’t my idea of a good time, especially when I’m trying to sleep!

I’ve made good on my vow to stay off my feet and now I feel like a total blob. I slept like a rock during my nap, so those cramping spells last night must have disrupted my sleep more than I thought. The only real useful thing I’ve accomplished is folding some laundry and throwing together a simple Mediterranean salad. Hmmm… Salad. Time to raid the fridge again!😄