14 May

Another hurried blog post. We had a big day today, starting the morning off with a stop at 2Tarts, then lunch at Mod Pizza and an actual MOVIE, in an honest-to-gosh THEATER. We saw the new Dr. Strange flick, which was given a thumbs-up by everyone in the Hinnen clan. I slammed an entire bucket of popcorn on my own – tried to share it with Lauren but when I was halfway through, she said she didn’t want any so I helped myself to the rest. It was only then that she decided she wanted some. (Geez, Robin, what a pig.) Thank goodness Rory had about half a bucket left so Lauren wasn’t completely deprived. On the way back from the theater we stopped at our favorite shaved ice shack for some cups of frozen summertime (honestly, that’s what a cherry shaved ice tastes like to me😊). Yummy.

That’s pretty much it, in a nutshell. It’s 9pm and I had completely forgotten to start a blog post so this is… umm, brief. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll remember to start writing earlier. I also have to help Lauren with one of her final projects so we’ll be cranking out something like 14 or 15 drawings showing American women during WWII. That should be a bit stressful but fun!