16 May

1. Early mornings on our patio
2. Melatonin (mother’s little helper – 😆)
3. My ever-so-chatty kid, who struggled with speech when she was little. (Now we can’t get her to shut up!😄❤️)

Sooo… yesterday sort of flew by before I could get a chance to document anything on the blog, so apologies to those out there who are accustomed to daily posts! Lauren and I began work on her final project for her History class, which entails making 15 drawings showing American women during WWII. Really cool stuff but the deadline is this coming Thursday and there’s no way that Lauren can finish all those drawings on her own with all the other work she’s saddled with. Honestly, even with my (admittedly rusty) human figure drawing skills, I’m beginning to wonder how we’re going to make that deadline. The drawings are fairly simple, they have to be considering the time limitation, but they’re still time consuming. I have to keep telling myself, just get it done, Robin, don’t noodle it to death, you don’t have time, but that’s my nature. Detail, detail, DETAIL!!! Anyway, we’ve gotten five of the 15 done already, two of which are already partly colored, and we’re handing them off to Lauren’s project partner who will color the remainder in an app called Sketchbook. I’m enjoying the project because I get to do a bit of research on period costume and factory floors (I’ve always loved period costumes), but I’m starting to feel the old familiar pinch of a looming deadline. By Thursday morning Lauren and I will be able to breathe a deep sigh of relief.

Dr. Santiago gave me this today when I went in for more blood work. Zoom in on the “Interpretation” and “Comment” paragraphs. Heeheeheeheehee…😍🎉🥳🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

This means that the nasty little mutants invading my bloodstream have once again been beaten back! YAY!!!