17 May

Oooh dear… I’m still rolling on the floor.🤣🤣🤣

Just a little bit ago, Rory was walking into the hall to the office when Lauren began to walk out of her room and was spooked by the image of a person suddenly appearing in the hallway. She said, sort of breathlessly, that he had scared her. Just a few moments later I saw Rory walk back down the hall towards Lauren’s room, then heard a quick loud “RRAAAWWRR” followed by a shriek and then much swearing from Lauren. I can’t count the many times I’ve experienced this same scenario during our 36+ years of marriage and even though it isn’t always much fun being on the receiving end of my husband’s mischief, it sure as hell is hilarious experiencing it secondhand! The poor kid literally had to pull herself off the floor. In her defense, she did manage to catapult her backpack in Rory’s direction before toppling over. This is going to keep me laughing for the rest of the day…🤣

Oy. I’ve been working all day helping Lauren to finish her history project. I haven’t done this much intensive drawing in years and it certainly shows. Together, we’ve finished nine drawings, which means we have to do six more before Thursday afternoon. At this point, we’re beginning to cut corners wherever possible. My Photoshop skills are definitely coming in handy!😊

Ugh… Rory decided it would be great fun to try to scare me the way he had earlier in the day to Lauren. I’m sitting at the office computer, doing my level best to speed through some drawing clean-up, when Rory makes a sudden soft noise, just enough to make me jump a little bit. I must have let out a quiet squeak because Rory asks me if something’s wrong. I start to blurt out “You scared me a bit” but then realize that I’m just walking into a trap. Sure enough, a minute or so later Rory lets out a loud bark, which REALLY makes me jump. I swear, I nearly clobbered him in the back of the head with my iPad.