18 May

One paragraph. That’s all I’m doing tonight because I can’t see straight and the middle finger on my left hand is sore where a pencil was biting into it for most of the day today. Three more drawings. THREE MORE, and then we’re done. After which, I may have to hunt down this twit who volunteered to partner with Lauren and then abdicated all responsibility other than coloring the artwork we’ve been churning out. Oh yes, and she’s been whining to Lauren every chance she gets in class. Is the artwork done yet? When are you going to finish the drawings? How many do you have left? Why is it taking so long? I may need help hiding a body in the next few days. Oh, wait… the kid’s still a minor. I just found out. Okay, never mind. (*Sigh*)

Okay, I lied. I have an appointment with a new doctor in San Antonio a week from tomorrow. He’s a bone marrow transplant specialist and I’ll be evaluated for transplant suitability. I’m not sure I like the idea of a transplant. Things can go spectacularly wrong, and if a person’s body begins to reject the transplanted tissue, that’s it. You’re toast. Ugh. It’s by no means a sure thing that I’ll be receiving a transplant, but Dr. Santiago wants to explore all the available treatment options now that the bulk of my chemo is finished.