24 May

1. Another day of life!
2. Finally signing my kids up for drivers training this summer (Lord help me)
3. The fact that Rory doesn’t have to commute to work (at least, not every day)

Once again, the days are beginning to slip away from me. I missed another post yesterday simply because I didn’t think about it until late in the evening and besides, not a whole lot happened anyway. I’m still in a holding pattern waiting for the green light from the hospital/my insurance company to report back for the start of the blincyto treatment. Meanwhile, I’ve completed all the initial paperwork for Thursday’s appointment with the bone marrow transplant dude. I’ll have to make a list of all the questions I have for him because if I only rely on memory, I’m toast.

So, as it says above in the Gratitudes section, I just signed the critters up for driver training this summer. Yes, I know – they’re coming up on 17, but I’ve been dragging my feet because of the cost. Holy crap, I had NO idea drivers training would be so expensive! Unfortunately, Lauren has been getting grief over not yet having her license or permit. Ugh. Just like they’ve both been getting grief over having much older (and MUCH smaller) smartphones. And here I thought I’d be dealing with grief over not having the right clothes, bags or shoes. Silly me.🙄 Nope, I’ve managed to raise two young humans who really don’t give a rat’s *ss over fashion. Well, at least they don’t care much about conformity, although they DO both have specific opinions over how they should dress. Thankfully none of their fashion choices include bare midriffs, micro-minis, painted-on jeans, net stockings or platform high heels. Dodged a bullet there. Whew! Anyway, tomorrow I have to turn in the registration contract for the driver’s school as well as half of the full payment. Looks like I’ll be attempting to bleed a few turnips… wheeee.