4 June

Rain. Wonderful, glorious rain. I had just crawled out of bed this morning when I heard the once familiar but now slightly foreign noise of falling water pounding on our roof. I popped open my weather app and sure enough, there was a decent storm system moving through the area. It didn’t last for long, maybe only a little over a half hour, but enough water came down to fill all our rain buckets outside as well as the creek bed on the edge of our property. Even our little geckos started peeping again and I haven’t heard them in months!❤️ Once the water subsides and things dry up a bit we’re going to have to get out into that creek bed, because there’s a large pile of dry leaves, small branches and other tree litter that’s diverting much of the flow into our yard. The bottom of our back yard has always flooded with a strong downpour but the water would always spread out into a relatively harmless, slow-moving pool. Now, because of the partially blocked stream bed, the water is moving fast enough to start digging a new channel through our yard. Problem. We’ll have to clear that blockage somehow. I only hope that our neighbors on the opposite stream bank won’t mind us traipsing around on the edge of their property!

My culinary adventure for the day was to build a big batch of fresh home made kimchi. I think I succeeded. We’ll see how it tastes in the morning but when I mixed it all together this afternoon and took a taste, it was EXACTLY like the kimchis I’ve had in Korean restaurants, minus the slightly sour funk. It’s sitting on the kitchen counter now, all cozy in its big half-gallon canning jar, doing what fermenting kimchi is supposed to do. I can hardly wait to taste it tomorrow! Basil and I may very well be fighting over it.😆

Mmmm, spicy!
Beginning the aging process. Yum!