10 June

1. My kid’s talent
2. A nice early morning walk
3. All the interesting plants in our front yard
4. The buck that allowed me to pause and admire him up close this morning
5. Watching a young doe nurse her itty-bitty fawn

It was a nice walk this morning. I was able to get up and going before the sun crested over the trees so it was still a pleasant temperature. The critters were out in abundance and the buck that I mentioned was grazing in a neighbor’s yard close to their mail box. I slowed my pace down and spoke quietly to him so he wouldn’t shy away but I didn’t want to linger for long – bucks can be unpredictable even outside of mating season. I also saw a robin that allowed me fairly close and didn’t fly away, which is really uncommon. I wish I could catch a glimpse of our resident fox! Rory has seen him on several occasions and has even managed to get a few pictures of him, along with a skunk, but he also leaves the house much earlier for his walkies and those critters, especially the skunk, are more active at night. Yes, I know, skunks are stinky but they’re also CUTE!

I have to write as much as I can before the Kid steals the iPad and uses it for displaying reference photos while they paint. Umm… there’s what looks to be titanium white on my keyboard’s Option key. And the screen. Great.😑

I saw Dr. Santiago again yesterday and his first question to me was, “Have you heard from the hospital or your insurance company yet?” We’re still waiting on two things: The results of the MRD (Measurable/Minimal Residual Disease) test and the insurance company’s authorization for the blincyto treatment and hospitalization. He’s becoming concerned that with this lengthy delay, the remaining cancer cells in my bloodstream will regroup, call in reinforcements and launch another attack. I don’t want the entire month I’ve already spent incarcerated to be for nothing! This seriously scares the living shit out of me.😳