14 June

1. Anaesthetics
2. A kind oral surgeon
3. Caring staff

Yep, it’s that time. One of our bobbleheads has had her wisdom teeth extracted and the other is scheduled for the same thing in August. Lauren had her appointment this morning and is now parked on the couch, out cold. She’ll probably be in and out all day today and if her mouth pain gets too intense, I have some heavy-artillery pain killers left over from her spinal surgery last summer that should do the trick. The poor kid was mumbling through a mouthful of gauze while I drove her home and I could *sort of* make out maybe every fifth word. Getting her pain meds and some water into her was equally interesting – she couldn’t feel her bottom lip and she can’t use a straw, so most of her water ended up on her shirt and on the floor. I’m thankful that she’s able to sleep. Even though she hates most soups (this is the kid who eats like a toddler, mind you), she actually requested some tomato soup after she got home so I think a quick trip to the market is in my immediate future. That and some soft bread with butter may be her foods of choice for the next few days. Poor bunny… It’s distressing to see her so out of it but I have to keep in mind that what she’s going through right now is NOTHING compared to the hellish post-surgery experience she had last summer.

You’re never too old for a weighted axolotl plushie. I love this kid…❤️

Still waiting to hear from the stupid insurance company re: my inpatient blincyto treatment. Good Lord, they’re slow. I’m going to have to contact them tomorrow to see what the hold-up is, or if a request for authorization has even been submitted. I’ve received two notifications from United Healthcare for the bone marrow transplant (both list the authorization as “outpatient”, which is also a problem) but I don’t even know yet if I’m a good candidate for the procedure and won’t until I hear back from the BMT clinic. Ugh… I really, really, REALLY don’t like this.😑