20 June

Gotta hurry and get this post at least partially written. Basil starts their online art course today and needs the iPad for their Zoom connection. Rory has the day off, Lauren doesn’t have to work tonight, and I’m a free agent, so the three of us may either do a day trip or go see a movie.

Saturday’s Movie Night was a success. We didn’t have many people show up for the event, nowhere near what we once had in Burbank, but it was still a good night. One of my besties showed up and we drank probably too much wine, stuffed ourselves on guacamole, chips, corn dogs and fries, and talked until the film started, while Rory kept the deep fryer bubbling, queued up the pre-show music, and did some troubleshooting on the actual show line-up. Basil’s friends Griffin and Jane came over as well, so the critters were well entertained. I heard quite a bit of laughter from their side of the yard while we screened one of the pre-show cartoons. Rory usually picks an old Warner Bros. or Disney short and his choice for the night was “Water Water Every Hare”, that one in which Bugs Bunny gets washed out of his burrow and ends up at the mercy of a mad scientist. I keep forgetting that not all of the current batch of teens are familiar with older films. Our two have had a thorough exposure to film thanks to us (we’re hopeless film geeks) and they both can quote lines from obscure old B/W films as well as just about every offering from Studio Gibli. They may not be able to name every US state on a map but dammit, at least they have a good education in popular American cinema over the last 100 years!😄

So, I think it’s official: I really AM going back to the hospital this Sunday to begin the Blincyto infusion. I got a call from Dr. Santiago and all the needed authorizations seem to be in place, including for the bone marrow transplant. All I have to worry about is whether the Oncology unit has space for me! I’ll have to call the hospital later on in the week as well as on Saturday to check on this, but the doc says that I should be there by around 9am, give or take. I’ll need a PICC line (CRAP) for additional meds since my port will be occupied with the Blincyto drug but that’s fairly straightforward and virtually painless. I’m not looking forward to YET ANOTHER little dimpled scar on my upper arm though. Those damn needles leave a mark. Phooey.