30 June

1. Rory’s relatively mild Covid (fingers crossed)
2. No more headaches or fevers (more fingers crossed)
3. Sumatie and Adriel, my two nurses ❤️

It’s weird being referred to as a queen, but that’s what Sumatie called me this morning during shift change when Adriel came to take her place. “Take good care of this queen!”😆 Never have I ever thought of myself as anything special, let alone a QUEEN, but I guess I’ll take the compliment. Now if Adriel doesn’t talk me to death, I’ll be okay. Damn, that guy can chatter. He was the one who, the last time I was here, shared with me that another patient had banished him from her room simply because he was Asian (Filipino, to be exact). Of course, that patient was also suffering from dementia and was lobbing cups of coffee at the nursing staff, so there’s that. Geez, the crap that these poor nurses must have to put up with. I know I was a whiny, barely lucid mess during my very first chemo cycle two years ago, and I’ve since been told that that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to some of the histrionics displayed by other patients. Yipe. I honestly can’t imagine why folks would choose nursing as a career path. They all must have a strong drive to serve others and to offer help whenever needed. Bless them all.❤️🙏🏻

Chillin’. Just chillin’. Watching Netflix and munching on Wheat Thins. I had my first “fully wired” shower today, trailing three IV tubes and trying not to get anything wet. Everything was wrapped up in plastic and surgical tape, and it was really awkward, but do-able. Once I’m home with the small pump, I’ll be down to only one tube and that should be a lot more manageable. I hope I can get out of here before the critters start their drivers training classes on the 11th, or it’s going to be a whole lot more for Rory to handle on his own. I was really banking on not being here for very long but the Covid curveball took us by surprise. Rory’s feeling better today – he hasn’t developed a bad cough and his headache is gone. His remaining symptoms continue to be head congestion and a drippy nose but, God willing, he’s dodged the worst of it.