4 July

1. Hot chocolate
2. A good night’s sleep
3. Interesting dreams
4. A soft, cozy warm blanket

4th of July. In the hospital. Wheeeee…

Well, at least I have a view of the fireworks!

Yep, it’s the second holiday I’ve spent “behind bars” this year and I’m getting mighty tired of it. Like I mentioned in the photo caption though, I should be able to see at least some of the firework displays here in San Antonio. I hope I can catch a drone display because those are fascinating, but those will probably only be appearing in the larger displays downtown and my window is facing the wrong way. Still, one can hope!

I did a bit more drawing today. Damn, I’m rusty, but I think I’ve finally managed to nail a decent likeness of Cillian Murphy. I can’t get his mouth quite right but I’m also not used to drawing on illustration board. (Yes, that is a bald-faced excuse. Fight me.) Geez, I haven’t drawn on board since I was in art school, I think. Anyway, I’ll take another stab at it tomorrow. This time I’ve left my pencils and boards out rather than tucking them away in my kit so I won’t have the flimsy excuse of not wanting to dig for supplies.

I don’t want this beautiful evening sunlight to go away. Everything outside as well as one of my walls is washed in pale gold and the clouds are gilded as well. If I squint my eyes and cock my head a bit, I can almost imagine that I’m back in California, somewhere in the San Gabriel Valley maybe, or possibly Orange County. Except there aren’t any mountains. I do miss the San Gabriels, they marched on the edge of my consciousness for so long that not having them in my backyard feels almost like missing a limb. Watching the afternoon light play on their foothills was a never-ending joy. I know that Texans are quite proud of their Hill Country, and parts of it really are lovely, but it’s a bit of a stretch to call them “hills”. The Verdugos, though… Now THOSE are hills!😄 Yep, I’m pining for my home state again. *Sigh*