5 July

1. The possibility of going home soon
2. A good cup of coffee
3. Live guitar music in the unit

While I’m not 100% sure exactly WHEN I’ll be going home, I’ve a feeling that my chances of being home by this weekend are improving by the day. Of course, that may just be wishful thinking but I’m getting the impression that once Rory can say that he’s gone seven days with no fever or other symptoms, I’ll be allowed out of my cage. One can hope, anyway!

So, earlier this afternoon one of the nurses took pity on me and went down to the ground floor to pick up a cup of coffee for me from the kiosk just beside the entrance lobby. God bless her. That’s the first decent coffee I’ve had since coming to the hospital and it was really quite good. Strong, though! Dang… I’m still buzzing a bit and it’s been nearly four hours since I drank it. I hope I’ll be able to sleep but I’ve a feeling that I’m going to crash here in another hour or so. Just in time for bed!

There was a guitarist going from room to room around mid-day playing music for the inmates. I really enjoyed hearing him play from a few doors down but once he reached my room and asked if I might like to be serenaded, I politely declined. Awkward. Stuff like that always feels a bit cringey to me. During my first chemo cycle more than two years ago, two young women came into my room with an electronic keyboard and played a few tunes for me. It was sweet and all but quite a bit beyond my comfort zone, not to mention that I heard every. Single. Wrong. Note. These ladies weren’t bad musicians but my musical ear is quite sensitive to anything even the slightest bit off-pitch and I ended up just wanting to crawl under my hospital bed and cover my head with pillows. Eep. I’m pathetic.

Another day has come and gone and I’m getting past the “blues” phase of the hospital stay. Maybe it’s because I feel that I’ll be going home soon, or perhaps I’m adjusting more to the ebb and flow of hospital life. Feeling fairly healthy and being able to eat without any discomfort certainly have their merits as well. For whatever reason, this time around has been far less taxing on me than past incarcerations and I’m incredibly grateful for that.