8 July

1. Enough laundry soap
2. Afternoon coffee
3. The sound of my family’s voices
4. The quiet soothing “whoosh” of the AC

Yep, I skipped yesterday’s blog. I didn’t feel the slightest bit inclined to pour my boredom out through a keyboard. I did, however, pick up a pencil and started drawing my frustration with forced incarceration – it took on the form of a hairy, disheveled, drooling critter with warts.

Boy, it felt good to just let the pencil go. I may turn this into a series of wacky little monster drawings. They’re loads of fun to draw and I may end up coloring them, either digitally or with watercolor. Either way, they’re a nice break from the tightly controlled, highly rendered drawings that I’m accustomed to doing. Huh… Maybe I’ll use brush and ink instead of pencil. The line quality you can get with a brush is delicious and if the brush is fine enough, you can also get pretty crazy detail. Something to ponder!😊

We still don’t know when I’ll be going home and honestly, after the mood Dr. Santiago has been in the past couple of nights, I’m a bit reluctant to broach the subject. Geez, last night I was chatting with my night nurse, Raquel, when the doc made his customary late appearance. Raquel and I both chirped at about the same time, “Speak of the devil!” (We had just been talking about him, in a kind manner, of course.) He blurted out, “Very bad day. I’m NOT talking about it.” This was uttered in a tone that basically said, “Fight me.” Raquel and I exchanged silent, wide-eyed looks as the doc briefly listened to my lungs and then left the room with barely another word. Okaaay… This, after he barked at me Tuesday night when he found out that Rory had Covid. His attitude was almost like he was accusing Rory of being careless and irresponsible. He calmed down a bit after venting, possibly because I insisted that we were all vaxxed and boosted and that we had never stopped masking up in public. It’s possible that he’s just completely DONE dealing with patients and their families who insist on taking risks despite weakened immune systems, but sheesh! That sort of behavior is really unprofessional.

Oh, another little furry guy materialized. This one is just a much younger version of Mr. Psycho-Fuzz above, before it all got to be too much.

Well. That was much better. Dr. Santiago came in MUCH earlier this evening, in a much better frame of mind, and we talked about me getting out of my cage. It may happen as soon as this weekend but more realistically by Monday or Tuesday of next week, fingers crossed!🤞🏻