9 July

1. Late afternoon light
2. A tidy room
3. Chinese food

Welp, it’s official: I’m going home on Monday! The Powers That Be have decided that Rory is no longer an imminent threat to my health so I get to pack up and get the heck out of Dodge. I’m not sure what time yet but we’ll know more once we hear from the home healthcare nurse, who will be coming to the hospital to set up my portable pump and instruct me in its care and feeding. Rory’s going to take the day off so he can get the girls to their first drivers training class in the morning before coming down to pick me up. Whew… I’m so relieved. I’ll finally be home and Rory won’t have to worry about getting the girls to and from their class.

While I haven’t been craving many weird foods during this hospital stay, I’m certainly going to indulge in some Chinese food once I get home, either home-prepared or in a restaurant. Also, I may have to break out the deep fryer and cook up some fried catfish, providing I can find some decent filets. Fried fish with home-made tartar sauce and maybe some hush puppies (ooo, and some COLE SLAW) certainly sounds mighty tasty.

It’s coming up on 6pm and there’s still no sign of Dr. Santiago, who is supposed to be working this weekend. I really hope he doesn’t drift in at a ridiculous late hour because that’s just annoying. I don’t plan on staying up very late tonight so if he decides to do his rounds at his usual 8:30-9:00pm, he may find me tucked in bed for the night and out cold. I’m already sleepy, but then I just whorked down a good helping of meat loaf and mashed potatoes. Food coma.