10 July

1. Going home tomorrow!
2. My PCA, Racquel
3. A nice, quiet afternoon

I have done absolutely nothing today other than watching “Stranger Things” on my iPad and snacking on Cheezits. The nurses have begun saving me bags of the little crackers when they get their snack deliveries and I’m most grateful! I’d just about kill for some peanuts but I’m pretty sure that they aren’t allowed in the unit – it would be too much of a risk for those with nut allergies. Now I wish I could con someone to go get me a coffee from the ground floor kiosk but there’s no way I would ask anyone to do that for me. I’m not that much of a prima donna!

I suppose I ought to begin packing up some of my things, just so I won’t have to do it all tomorrow. I’ll probably gather up my drawing supplies, electric kettle, singing bowl and window sill decorations and put those away since I won’t need them in the morning. Then it will only be a matter of gathering up my clothing into my suitcase and I’ll be pretty much done. I really wish I could get rid of the stupid PICC line but it’s there to stay until the end of the Blincyto infusion, another two weeks. My poor left arm will have one more little pockmarked scar to add to the growing collection. Phooey.