18-19 July

1. Air conditioning
2. A cold drink on a hot day
3. Continued (relative) health

Oh. Dear. Lord. That was an ordeal. My home health nurse only just left, after taking the better part of an hour changing the dressing around the PICC line insertion point on my left arm. Ummm… I’m not 100% certain that she did it right. It doesn’t look the way it should. I mean, I’m no expert, I haven’t been to nursing school, I don’t have any certification, but I know what looks right and this ain’t it. *Sigh* I only have one more week to go and then the Blincyto infusion is done but I don’t yet know whether my doctor wants to leave the line in place. It was a total b*tch to get in my arm to begin with but… Urgh.

Great. I got a text message from Dr. Santiago’s office saying that my appointment has been moved up to 3:45 from 4:15. Now I don’t know if I’ll be able to get there in time. If the fates are kind, the traffic is light, and I can get my medication bag changed quickly here at home, I might just make it. One little slip-up on the highway will blow everything to hell though. GAH!!!

Whew. Made it, and I was only about five minutes late. The traffic gods were kind to me today! I made a mistake about the appointment as well. The office usually schedules labs for a half-hour before the appointment with the doctor and I didn’t take that into account, so it wasn’t the scheduling department that made the mix-up. I was way too focused on getting my infusion bag changed to pay much attention to anything else. Damn, I’ll be glad to jettison this thing. It hasn’t been all that bad but it’s usually a weird scramble every 48 hours to switch out bags. Rory has been helping me with IV tube connection; otherwise, I’d have to get one of the critters to help. Lauren was actually completely on board with the idea and was looking forward to kicking some IV tube butt, or so she said. Weirdo.😄