24 July

Oh. My. GOD. Rory just scared the ever-loving SH*T out of me. He had taken Basil on a driver’s training outing and they had been gone for an hour. I was getting a bit concerned and so I texted them. Here is the short thread:

Not funny, Ror. DEFINITELY not funny. Alright, fine, so it is a bit humorous but GEEZ. I didn’t fall for Basil’s exaggerations but Rory’s deadpan calm had me totally freaked out and imagining the both of them negotiating with a police officer and the other motorist about whose fault it was and whether our insurance would cover the repairs should the other party decide that his/her car was too badly damaged and how badly our premiums would be affected and, and, and… Keep in mind that both kids have only just begun driving so I’m more than a bit emotionally vulnerable here. When they got home a while later Basil looked at me sheepishly and Rory, ever the effing comedian, was still straight-faced. Then their story began to mushroom out of all plausibility and I ended up smacking Rory on the arm. Dammit, WHY am I so stinkin’ gullible?!? After more than 36 years married to this guy, you’d think I would know better!

Yeah, looking at this thread again, it’s pretty obvious that I once again over-reacted. Oy.🙄

So tomorrow I get to finally jettison my unwanted appendage, the portable pump. I’ll still have to keep the PICC line in case I need a second round of Blincyto but I can hardly wait to be freed of the damn thing! I’ve had several close calls in which I forgot to grab the pump while walking around the house and nearly pulled it onto the floor. This morning I very nearly left my purse where I’d set it on the ground next to my chair while at our favorite little coffee shop. I had the pump in my hand and it’s about the same size as my bag so my brain thought that I had everything. (It doesn’t help that I’ve changed bags and I’m still getting used to carrying the “new” one after not using it for a few years.) Also, juggling pump, IV hose, purse, car keys, face mask, and sunglasses while getting into or out of the car is getting VERY old.