7 August

Short update: I’m back in the hospital awaiting an unpleasant night of multiple interruptions. Apparently the nurses want to get me processed and hooked up to various tubes before tomorrow so that the almighty Medication Schedule won’t be compromised. This means that my PICC line will need to be pulled out and reinserted (yeah, that’ll be fun); my port will need to be accessed (not quite as bad); I’ll need to be weighed and x-rayed; my labs will need to be drawn, and Lord knows what else. I’m considering throwing caution to the four winds and over-caffeinating just so I can stay awake more easily but that idea doesn’t sound very appealing. It might have been better if I had been able to check into the hospital earlier in the day but that just wasn’t in the cards. My unit didn’t even have an available room until late this afternoon so Rory and I were finally shown to my room a bit before 8pm. And what a teeny room it is! There’s really only enough space for a bed, my tray table, and a chair. The bathroom is minuscule but at least there’s a shower in there. The bathroom sink is outside, in a small alcove in one corner of the room. I’m right at the corner of the building so I have windows that face east and south. Unfortunately, the eastern view is obscured by a screening wall of patterned cinderblock that runs the entire height of the building on this side. We’ll see what it’s like tomorrow morning because right now it’s dark out and I can’t see much anyway.