13 August

GRATITUDES: 1) Being home again; 2) A nice big salad; 3) My kid’s chattiness; 4) COFFEE!!!

The formatting change is only temporary until my iPad peripheral keyboard gets fixed or replaced. Meanwhile, I’m using the touch screen keyboard and it’s a bit awkward, to say the least.

So, big news, other than the obvious announcement of being home. Yesterday morning while still in my room at the hospital, my nurse Adriel told me that Dr. Santiago was trying to get a hold of me. I had seen that he had tried to call earlier but I chalked it up to a butt dial, since it was still fairly early in the morning. (This man is definitely NOT an early bird.) Of course, hearing that my doctor was trying to reach me immediately put me on high alert and I texted him back with a short, “Is there something you need to tell me?” He phoned back almost immediately and though he sounded rushed, he said he had good news. Wait for it… I’M MRD NEGATIVE!!! I’m completely clear of any detectable disease, even by the most sensitive tests available. I had not just my nurse but a hospital assistant director in my room and still let out a loud war whoop. This means that I’ve cleared the last hurdle before the transplant and now we can proceed, providing that the donor is all vetted and ready to go. I was told that I will probably return to the hospital in about a month for the Big Event. Holy moly, I’m an emo wreck right now. Nervous, excited, terrified, dubious… Yep, I’m a mess, but in a good way!😄🙏🏻🎉