14 August

1. Brand spanking-new washer and dryer set
2. My morning coffee (yes, I know. I’m repeating myself. Fight me.😄)
3. A day with my whole family
4. Hope for the future!❤️

Well, just look at these pretty new babies! What’s not to be grateful for?


So now I actually have to figure out how to use them. Right, Robin. It’s time to RTFM (Read The F**king Manual).😆 I know this sounds silly but I’m actually LOOKING FORWARD to doing some laundry! Yeah, I don’t get out much… But honestly, these bright new machines do wonders for a room that’s about the size of a large-ish walk-in closet. Our old hand-me-down units were an unfortunate shade of dark grey-blue and even though we paid a phenomenal price for them (free to a good home), they were way past their prime and also weighted down the space with their dark color. We didn’t consider it mandatory to pay extra for a fancy color so white it is, and I love them! Many many many thanks and a big shout-out to Kathy Hinnen for financing our new babies!❤️❤️❤️

Oh geez, the machines even sing to themselves when starting up and finishing their cycles. This is hilarious.😆

Not much else to report. My home healthcare nurse is coming by for a dressing change this afternoon and she has reassured me that she’s done some research on how to change troublesome bandages like mine. Let’s hope the studying has paid off because I’m really not looking forward to this. The new dressings for sensitive skin that I received from the medical supply company should come in handy. With any luck, I won’t end up with a new set of nasty blisters. Fingers crossed!🤞🏻🙏🏻😳