18 August

1. Fritos corn chips (more addictive than peanuts, in my book)
2. Slightly cooler weather (and a chance of rain – WOOT!)
3. Bees
4. Our little geckos that peep so sweetly after dark

Ugh. It’s only a few more days until the start of the kids’ last school year and I’m feeling it. I’m also feeling more than a bit short-changed over yet another stay-at-home summer. This was one of our last chances for a family vacation and the schedule became too crowded for any meaningful getaway time. We might be able to squeeze something in before Basil goes to Europe next summer but it’s going to be tight. I’m not giving up though. I’ll keep my eye on the calendar and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to figure something out, fingers crossed.

We’re back to the old hurry-up-and-wait routine. I’m approaching the end of my second week of Blincyto Part II and I haven’t heard anything yet from the transplant clinic other than the MRD negative news. Admittedly that’s a major deal but I want to get this whole transplant thing over with. I’ll be hospitalized for a month and the LAST thing I want is to be sitting locked up in an isolation ward during my birthday or any of the upcoming holidays (they’re right around the corner. Admit it. They’ll be here before we know it). I suppose I can make some plans for how to stay busy during my incarceration. Maybe I’ll teach myself how to knit or crochet. Don’t laugh, it’ll keep my brain occupied and away from bingeing on Netflix or Hulu shows. Or maybe I’ll dust off my old rapidograph pens, clean them out, and stipple myself into a quiet, cross-eyed stupor. It’s a thought.🤔