22 August

1. RAIN!!! At long last!
2. My little Amy (a four-footed pain in the ass if there ever was one, but a sweet little bundle of love)
3. Cooler weather
4. A nice rich cup of hot chocolate

It’s raining right now, there’s a nice pork roast in the oven, and the whole household is quiet, each doing their little projects or re-checking their new school schedules and making sure everything is packed and ready to go for tomorrow morning. It’s really a very pleasant last day of summer break, even though I’m still feeling a bit melancholic over it all. The kids got their schedules this afternoon and each has at least one free period, although Lauren doesn’t think she shares a class, or even her lunch period, with any of her friends. Maybe this will be a good opportunity for her to branch out a bit and make more friends. I hope so anyway. That kid needs a sturdy support network. Basil is brash enough to weather minor upsets like this but Lauren is a different animal entirely.

I have an appointment with Dr. Bachiere tomorrow morning to sign consent paperwork. Basically it’s a “if you die as a result of the transplant you can’t sue us for malpractice” type of thing, or somewhere in the ballpark at least. That’s how I’m interpreting it – I may be wrong but I’ll know more after the appointment. Rory’s presence has been requested as well, so we’re going to take two cars and he’ll continue on to work afterward. The clinic has a strict policy about caregivers – a patient MUST provide proof that they have someone at home who will spot for them; otherwise, all bets are off. We still haven’t ironed out how I’m going to get to the clinic for all my post-transplant visits but I suppose that will resolve itself. I won’t be cleared to drive for three months after the procedure, but then, I’m technically not cleared to drive now with my 24/7 Blincyto infusion, and that hasn’t stopped me. When my nurse told me about this during my last hospital stay, I was like, “Ummm…” Apparently there is an increased risk of stroke with this drug. I knew about neurological impairment, but stroke?!? EEP. Okay, so I’m taking it slow and not taking any unnecessary risks. Other than being behind the wheel, of course. Uuhhh… Maybe I should re-think the whole driving thing.😳

It’s still raining, and it’s still wonderful.❤️❤️❤️