4 September

1. My family
2. The rain we’ve had this week
3. The end of my Blincyto infusion

Munching on my favorite candy bar (dark chocolate-covered coconut). Enjoying the slightly cooler weather and the beautiful skies. Listening to Low-Fi Girl, a series of ambient tracks that make me think of San Francisco on a chill misty evening. Seeing how the recent rains have made everything outside so much greener. Knowing that by this time tomorrow, I’ll be unhooked from my Blincyto infusion for the last time and my arm will be freed from the tyranny of the PICC line.

Yep, life is pretty good.😊

That’s all the news that’s fit to print. I’ll have more to report on Tuesday after my next bone marrow biopsy. Those results will probably be available in a week or less and I’ll keep you all updated. I’m expecting another MRD negative verdict but Dr. Bachier wants to be 100% certain of that before we’re a go for launch. My donor’s T-cells have been collected and frozen and I’ve been given a tentative schedule for my hospitalization. Nearly everything is ready.

Breathe, Robin. Just breathe…