25 September (day -4)

Good grief, I feel like crap. I once again had a very upset stomach early this morning (5:00-5:15 seems to be my witching hour) but thankfully I didn’t throw up. It was close though. I’m getting about 50mg of this new drug suspended in a saline solution and my nurse slowed down the drip time so that, perhaps, my body wouldn’t react quite so violently, but she also told me to call her if I began feeling nauseous. I finally cried uncle and more meds were given. I’m paying the price for that now – I’m pretty sure that’s what is making me so sleepy.

So, what does a person do to stay awake, besides drinking gallons of coffee?? I desperately want to curl up and nap all day but I don’t want to upset my sleep schedule. (Dammit, I just nodded off again.) I may go do walkies just to get out of my room – that may help.

I finally succumbed and snoozed after Rory and the kids came for a visit. I’m feeling a bit better now but still very groggy. I think I was out for about an hour, maybe a bit more, and must have slept like a rock.