28 September (day -1)

1. A good, quick TBI
2. Really nice nurses, techs and EMTs
3. No nausea (yet)

So, yep, the TBI happened this morning. While sitting in the apparatus that held me steady for the irradiation, I sort of felt like I was staring down the barrel of a monstrous photon cannon. The procedure was quick, though, thankfully. The techs spent more time insuring that their measurements were correct than zapping me with radiation. We cooked one side, rotated me 180º, then cooked the back side, like a weird upright rotisserie. After hearing horror stories from the techs, I was immensely relieved that the whole thing was relatively uneventful. However, I am beginning to feel weak and shaky. A moment ago I dropped my pen on the floor and knelt down to pick it up. My knees were NOT happy about that and there was a near-mutiny before my brain talked some sense into the rebelling joints. Still, I’m noticing a real change in my physical strength. I also suspect that all this chemistry is beginning to mess with my mind a bit. The ventilation system in my room has a low rhythmic thump, almost like listening to a strong steady beat from a drum kit. There are changes in tone and pitch that resemble the lead singer of a heavy metal band. I swear, it sounds like someone a couple rooms down has the sound of his boom box turned up to 11, but I don’t want to ask about it because I’m almost sure that I’m hearing things. Geez, these drugs can do weird things to a person.

Tomorrow is Day 0, the day of the long-awaited transplant. Preparations get underway at 0600, when I’ll be hooked up to a saline drip, then as the morning progresses I’ll be given Benadryl, Tylenol, and anti-nausea medication. The actual transplant will take place around 1100. I’ll be completely out of it for the entire day so I’m rushing to finish this blog before I head to bed. I’m already beginning to nod so I think it’s bedtime for this Bonzo.