6 February

1. A negative CT scan result
2. A bit of warmer weather
3. Finishing up a good limited series on telly

I finally, FINALLY, had my CT scan this morning at the hospital after waiting more than a month and worrying myself nearly sick. I was at the bone marrow clinic for my 8:30 labs and 9:30 appointment with the nurse practitioner, after which I was hustled via underground corridors to the hospital’s Radiology department, aka the Dungeons. Once there I was inserted into what was basically a giant electronic donut, injected with dye, told not to breathe, and zapped with micro doses of radiation. The entire process probably took less than 20 minutes and was completely painless save for the IV jab for the contrast dye. My nurses at the clinic knew how much I was sweating the test results so one of them phoned me this afternoon after I’d gotten home and let me know that everything in my chest and abdomen looked normal. There was no sign of the weirdness that had showed up back in October. My cell counts looked great as well. I feel like I’ve just been handed a Golden Ticket.❤️🙏🏻

Our Texas weather seems either drunk or suffering from Bipolar disorder, because the temperature was in the 70s today and will be again tomorrow, after which it’s going to get cold and wet again. Go figure.

Crap… it’s been five days since I started this post so I’d better hurry up and publish it!