20 March

1. No traffic this morning!
2. More wildflowers!
3. Coffee!

Well, crap.

I hauled my sleepy carcass out of bed at 5 this morning, hit the road by 6:15, sailed in to San Antonio without any traffic to speak of, made it to the clinic with about 25 minutes to spare, and then found out that I came in on the wrong day. My appointment is actually TOMORROW. So, yeah, I have to get up at dark-thirty, AGAIN, and drive back to the clinic, AGAIN, to see the doc. Lordy. This should be a lesson for me to not rely on my increasingly dodgy memory for stuff like this. My mistake was not logging the appointment time into my calendar as soon as I received it. Ugh. Anyway, the appointment tomorrow should be a bit more streamlined since I had my blood drawn today and won’t have to sit around and wait for the results to come back from the hospital lab. So there’s that, at least.

My neighbor has invited Rory and I to attend a soirée this Saturday evening and though I’m looking forward to it, I also have some concerns. This will be the first big social event for me since my initial hospitalization three years ago and I’m not sure if I should risk exposure to the public on such a large scale. Also, there’s my inherent social anxiety to deal with. I’m not at all good at parties, I tend to drift off to the sidelines and hang with the family pet (if there is one). On the other hand, I get to bring a guest, which will help with the anxiety, and the gala has a Roaring 1920s theme as well, which will offer a great excuse to build a fun costume. I’ve already found a dress through Amazon, it’s been delivered, and I must say that for a costume, the garment is surprisingly well made and detailed, though I might have to take it in a bit in some spots. Rory already has a few wardrobe options available thanks to his love for vintage menswear, so he should look amazing. That is, if he even wants to go. Events like this really aren’t his thing and I may have to invite an alternate to go in his place. In any event, I’ll try to include a few photos in my next blog entry, providing I can overcome my phobia of appearing in front of a camera!😄

Our wildflowers are still popping up and the bluebonnets seem remarkably long-lived this year. I don’t recall them sticking around for very long in past seasons although I may not have paid as much attention either. I actually got a chance to hop out of the car the other day to go pet some sweet little babies that were growing in the green space in front of a store in town. I can’t help myself. I MUST pet all the flowers!