17 April

1. A beautiful, cloudless day
2. No traffic
3. A great view at the top of the parking garage
4. New green leaves in all the trees

Welp, I’m back at the clinic, this time for a consult with the doc and the first of my childhood immunizations, providing my insurance company has approved it. The drive into San Antonio was uneventful, no doubt due to the later time of my appointment, but finding a place to park in the lot just outside the clinic proved impossible so I ended up on the roof of the adjacent parking garage. There was a wonderful cool breeze blowing up there and it’s such a beautiful day that I didn’t really mind, but getting back to the car might be a bit of a chore. I was puffing after coming DOWN five flights of stairs; making the return trip could get interesting. I think there’s an elevator but I’m going to try the stairs anyway.

I’ve been fighting a bug that I caught from Rory about a week ago and even though I’m slowly improving, the cough, chest, and head congestion are still hanging on. My blood oxygen levels are noticeably lower than normal and the lung glop may be responsible for that. I just reported all this to my nurse and I may get swabbed to check for Covid or some other nasty cootie. Lovely. Having a long-handled q-tip inserted into my sinus cavities is always a good time.

Just saw Dr. Bachier. He’s ordering a chest x-ray to check on my lungs, just to be on the safe side, but from the stethoscope they don’t sound too bad. He’s calling it bronchitis as well, same as Rory. Gee, thanks Ror!

Well. That’s new. Guess who has pneumonia? There’s a first time for everything, I suppose, but I sure as hell would rather not have had that diagnosis. My lungs don’t feel bad, just a little bit tight, but I’m getting extremely winded very quickly and the bark is still very much with me. I’ve been put on a course of antibiotics to knock out the accumulated crud in my chest and I just took my third dose out of seven. I’ll have to be very careful over the next few days to make sure I don’t overtire. Even though I’m in relatively good condition, this can’t be taken lightly. Pneumonia can be a killer. My mom nearly died of it when she was a young girl and subsequent bouts in adulthood left her with scarred lungs. She also smoked though, which definitely didn’t work in her favor.